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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can apply for a crew profile?

All current crew members in South Florida who identify as female may apply for a crew profile on Women on Set as long as they meet the following requirements:

1. Minimum of 1 year credible industry experience

2. Have already attended a minimum of 3 Women on Set meetings per year

3. The Women on Set directory is currently limited to crew and production positions only, such as: camera, lighting, audio, art, catering & craft services, hair & makeup, directing, producing and post-production. If you are a model or talent, we are not accepting applications for the directory at this time. Stay on our e-mail list to receive updates for when we expand the directory. 

What should I put in my profile?

You can view our create a profile page here to see what information we will ask for; you can also view our current crew directory to get an idea of what profiles are currently on the site.

What about other departments?

We support all of our fellow filmmaking females and understand how vital each role is to a production; however, Women on Set has decided to focus our resources towards the technical crew support positions at this time, with the possibility of adding more positions for talent in the future.

While we always welcome feedback on the directory, please understand that Women on Set is run entirely by volunteers, which means we that our limited bandwidth does not allow us to provide everything for everyone. We will make an announcement when we are able to expand the directory further. This initiative is run by volunteers with hopes to grow and expand the community over time but this can only be done with everyone's support. If you are interested in helping expand, please volunteer your time or financial support to help us improve our organization.

Everyone is welcome to attend our monthly Women on Set meetings at the last Friday of each month and subscribe below to stay updated on Women on Set news. Follow us on Instagram.

Where is Women on Set located?

The Women on Set directory is open to crew based in South Florida.

Why use Women on Set?

Women on Set helps people find female film crew in South Florida.

Why isn’t my profile up yet?

Women on Set is a free service run by the generosity of working film professionals volunteering their time. Please be patient with our response time.


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